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Develop an Effective Child Pornography Defense in Baltimore, MD

Allegations involving child pornography are incredibly severe and need to be aggressively defended by an experienced attorney. At Mann & Riche, we provide child pornography defense in Baltimore, MD, to clients in need of tenacious representation. We understand the seriousness of the charges your facing. Trust that we will work to develop the most effective defensive strategy and will exhaust all resources to seek the best possible outcome. 

When you’re facing any sex crime charges, the sooner you seek representation, the better--and child pornography charges are no exception. Having our seasoned child porn attorney on your side could mean the difference between strict punishment and the possibility of earning the smallest sentence possible or having charges dismissed entirely.

Handcuffs and Fines

Defending Clients Against Harsh Allegations

In Maryland, the punishments for the first conviction for possession of child pornography can be very harsh including jail and life time registration. Our child pornography lawyer has handled cases including those involving:

  • Child Pornography Distribution or Sales

  • Coercing of Manipulating a Minor in Creating Pornographic Material

  • Federal Child Pornography Charges

  • Production of Child Pornography

  • Possession of Child Pornography

These types of cases involve the possession of illegal materials. However, determining what constitutes as possession depends on a multitude of factors, including whether the accused actively took steps to obtain such material. Additionally, current file sharing programs may allow for distribution of illegal materials without the knowledge of the accused.  In some instances, we can ask the state or government to dismiss the charges or significantly reduce them. If it’s the case, our seasoned child pornography lawyer will work closely with you and present the facts that you didn’t actively seek illegal material and merely obtained it by accident.

Affording Clients Every Possible Protection

Previously, we’ve been able to achieve outcomes that allow our clients to return to work and put these serious allegations behind them -- even in the face of seemingly overwhelming odds. When you turn to our dedicated child pornography lawyer, you’ll work with an advocate who is here to ensure you receive every protection our criminal justice system and constitution afford. 

Remember that you still have all the rights that anyone accused of a crime does. That includes your right to hire a criminal defense lawyer to represent you in court. Trust us to investigate your situation and build a case in your defense all the while keeping your best interests in mind. We’ll listen carefully to your needs and will explain the legal issues behind your defense so you can make the most informed decision at every turn.

Contact our law office to seek the aid of an aggressive child pornography lawyer. We proudly serve clients in Baltimore, Maryland, and the surrounding areas.